Crypto payments
In this section we'll go through the endpoints you'll need to execute crypto payments on your website. You can make use of our hosted checkout experience or spin-off a custom UI.

Payment statuses

A payment has been created, however, no depositCurrency has been selected yet. (Screen 1 above)
Customer has selected a depositCurrency and is presented with a cryptocurrency deposit address. Finrax listens for blockchain events on the particular wallet address.
This is an optional status. It will be skipped if the deposit is eligible for Instant Deposits. This status represents that we've "seen" a transfer on the blockchain, but is still in UNCONFIRMED status. Transaction has not been validated yet on the blockchain (Screen 4 above)
The transaction has been completed and your account balance has been updated. A callback notification is triggered to your designated endpoint.
Once the expirationMinutes is reached and no deposit has been received against the supplied wallet address, the payment will be changed to status EXPIRED. Bear in mind that this is a tentative status. If we locate a blockchain transaction after the payment is changed to EXPIRED, we'll update the status from EXPIRED to DEPOSITED and trigger a callback notification.
The transaction received against a given payment has been blocked due to compliance reasons. This usually happens if the origin of funds is marked as illicit (i.e. Darknet, Scam , etc.)
Only present if the business has the overpayment logic active. The deposited amount exceeded the expected amount, starting the process of refunding.
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