Finrax sends 2 types of callback notifications on your predefined endpoints that you can set when creating your business. This is a high-level overview of how and when you can use the callback notifications

  • depositReceivedCallbackUrl Receives callback when the deposit has been seen (broadcasted) on the blockchain, or when the deposit has been confirmed on the blockchain.

  • withdrawalCallbackUrl Receives a callback when a withdrawal transaction was successfully broadcasted on the blockchain


Finrax sends every callback notification with Signature and Timestamp components in the request headers. This allows you to verify that each notification was sent by Finrax, and not by a third party.

Finrax generates signatures using RSA with SHA-512 and encodes the result with BASE64. The following function generates the signature: Base64(RSA(PRIVATE_KEY, SHA512(requestBody.timestamp))) Finrax uses a unique private key for each environment, so please note to use the correct public key for each environment, for more information please visit Environments.

The procedure for verifying a signature is as follows:

Step 1. Extract the values from the Signature and Timestamp headers.

Step 2. Prepare the payload string by concatenating the actual JSON payload (i.e., the request body), the character `.`, and the timestamp.

Step 3. Using the appropriate public key and your favorite cryptography library, you can ensure that the signatures match. Here's an example snippet in JS:

const crypto = require("crypto");
const signature = ...;
const publicKey = ...;
const requestBody = ...;
const timestamp = ...;
const signaturePayload = `${requestBody}.${timestamp}`;
const verifier = crypto.createVerify('RSA-SHA512');
const isVerified = verifier.verify(publicKey, signature, "base64");
console.log("Verified:", isVerified);

Handling callbacks plays a significant role for smooth service operations. The purpose is to allow easy, fast and automated reconciliation with your systems to properly assign Deposits and Withdrawals of your users.

For coins which have longer processing time, we have instant deposit functionality. This allows the merchant to credit users' deposits, while transfers are still confirming on the blockchain.

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